Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can't believe...

I think it has finally hit me. Emery is one. I couldn't sleep the other night just thinking about him and how he has grown so fast. I wish I could spend more time with him, (like every waking second)... His birthday party went GREAT!! He loved the attention and his (organic) cupcake. His eyes just lit up everytime we sung to him, like he knew what we were saying and knew we were singing to him. Matt's parents surprised us and were able to come for the party. It was so nice to have both sets of parents there to celebrate!
Now about the store.

ChickenTattoo is doing well. We just got our 10th sale (thanks Meredith!!). I have been trying to think of other items we can make, and not getting very far with that. If anyone has a suggestion please tell me! I did find some time last evening to make a applique on a bib and a shirt. I am not too happy with the bib, it will be one that goes right to Emery. But the shirt turned out great! I will take pictures of them tonight and set up a listing too.

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